Nothing we do is ‘off the shelf’. Everything is customized to YOUR needs. We take the time to design a research plan that fits your learning objectives, works within your budget, and results in actionable data and analyses. 


When you want to be sure and you want scientifically robust and projectable data you can bank on, with questions that can be easily asked in a structured and standardized way, quantitative research is the way to go.

​This is where we get out our sample size calculators and our confidence intervals, and set out to collect and measure a representative sample of your customers, stakeholders, competitors, or some combination thereof.

Some of the quantitative studies we conduct are:

  • Awareness, Attitude & Usage studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Satisfaction studies (both customer and employee)
  • Menu and Item Evaluation
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Defection studies
  • Pricing research

Our techniques  and methods include:

  • Online custom quantitative research design, execution, analysis and reporting.
  • Access to online specialty panels for both B2B and B2C respondents. 
  • In-person interviewing, as well as hybrid research (mixed-mode) such as phone-to-online.
  • Statistical analyses conducted in-house.
  • Psychographic profiling and segmentation research.
  • Linkage research (customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and the relationships between them)
  • Price elasticity modeling


When you need to how your customers  think and feel about products and services and are looking to go far beyond 1 or 2 open-ended questions in a 5-8 minute online survey, you want in-depth qualitative research. Qualitative research goes well beyond the surface and allows you to delve deeply into whatever issue you’re researching.Our moderators are highly skilled at extracting meaningful information from respondents. More importantly, our moderators are not just ‘question askers’. They have years of experience and rigorous training designed to get at ‘what’s going on underneath the surface’.Just a sampling of the qualitative services we offer are:

  • ​Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Online focus groups, bulletin boards
  • Ethnographic immersion (observational research)
  • Shop-alongs
  • Mobile app interviews